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good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm aaron gilchrist, in for barbara harrison on this tuesday, july 5th, 2010. we begin with breaking news out of prince george's county. council member leslie johnson has submitted her resignation. it will take effect july 31st, the last day of the county's legislative session. last week johnson pled guilty to witness and evidence tampering after she and her husband, former county exec, zack johnson, were arrested last november. her sentencing is set for september.
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megan mcgrath joins us by phone with the latest on this. what have we learned? >> reporter: that's right. leslie johnson has resigned from the prince george's county council. she'll continue to serve for a couple more weeks. her resignation does not take effect immediately. it doesn't happen until july the 31st. johnson pleaded guilty to destroying evidence last week. under maryland law, she has to resign after her sentencing on october the 13th, but she could, under law, continue to serve until then. but, again, this morning, in late-breaking news here, leslie johnson has the eendered her resignation. the first idea that something was afoot came during a legislative briefing earlier this morning, johnson did not attend that meeting. during that session, however, the council decided to move an executive session that was scheduled for later on in the afternoon to the first agenda item of the council session this morning. that's the kind of session where personnel matters are discussed.
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they are not open to the public. and so that is what is happening right now. the council convened after that legislative briefing. leslie johnson was present when they convened this morning, when her name was called during the role call. she said "good morning" and "present." they said a prayer and then the pledge of allegiance, and after that, leslie johnson quietly left the room. she used the private door for council members and left the room, and that's when the council then went into executive session. and that's where they are right now. the council members discussing personnel matters and we're waiting for them to return to the council session. but, again, leslie johnson has tendered her resignation. her husband, jack johnson, has already pleaded guilty to corruption charges as well. he'll be sentenced on september the 15th. we're standing by and we'll bring you the latest developments as soon as they happen. aaron? >> there were reports this morning that several members of council had asked for her resign. we know last week, the county
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executive also said he thought she should resign sooner than later. any other reaction, response to today's news coming out of the government building there in prince george's county? >> reporter: we got here to the council administration building earlier, before all of this happened, and i did reach out to a number of the council members, the vast majority of them, actually, and did see some of them in person in the hallway and tried to get comment from them at that point as well. at that moment, keep in mind, that she had not yet given her resignation, none of this had come out. at that moment, they did not want to discuss the matter. so we didn't get anybody on the record talking about what they thought should happen. now, of course, in light of the news that she has resigned and the fact that they are in this executive session, that may change as the day wears on. it is possible that a press conference will be called and some of the council members will speak out at that point. but as of this morning, earlier, i think they wanted the process to play out and they didn't want to comment until that happened. >> we'll stay on top of this story throughout the day. megan mcgrath, thank you for
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that report. >> reporter: sure. right now a virginia man behind bars, accused of stabbing his own father to death. 62-year-old lawrence elmer was found dead around 10:00 last night at his home on colvin meadows lane in fairfax county. tracee wilkins has more on the investigation and the arrest from great falls. >> reporter: people who live in this great falls community say that the emmers were a quiet and nice family. the wife involved in the homeowner's association since this portion of the community was built. they're very surprised by the fact that last night this home was the scene of a murder. >> a little unnerving to have something like this happen around here. >> reporter: could you imagine that there would have been a murder? >> oh, no, not in this area. >> reporter: fairfax county police say after 12:51 last night, they responded to the 1200 block of colvin meadows lane in fairfax, virginia, for the report of a break-in and stabbing. once on scene, they discovered the body of lawrence emmer, stabbed to death. they quickly started searching
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with k-9s and helicopters for a possible suspect. >> we heard the helicopters, we just figured it was something with the fireworks. you know, it's a very quiet neighborhood, except on fourth of july with the fireworks. >> reporter: as police searched outside of the home, an investigation inside of the home soon revealed that their suspect was 25-year-old casey emmer, the victim's son. police say he's also the one that falsely reported the break-in at the home. >> reporter: the suspect is the one who called police initially. and initially he reported a break-in, but officers discovered that what, in fact, had occurred was a homicide. >> reporter: emmers is now facing charges for killing his father. police say that he and his dad were the only ones in the home at the time. at this point, fairfax county police have not released a motive in this case. in great falls, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. a close call for an aspen hill family this morning. they are now out of their home after they woke up to find an suv in their dining room. the ford explorer came crashing through the home's wall at the intersection of parkland drive
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and aspen hill road around midnight. montgomery county police say the driver of the suv, a 22-year-old woman, hit two cars before crashing through a chain link fence and into that home. the homeowner says his wife was actually right in the path of that car. >> i opened the door to the back bedroom and there was an suv in my dining room. and i heard my wife screaming that she was bleeding, but the truck was in front of the doorway, i couldn't get out. so i climbed out the side window, went back around and came in to see all the damage to my house. >> reporter: avery's wife suffered minor injuries, but had been released from the hospital. the driver was under the influence of alcohol and they took her into custody. i want to switch gears now and turn to the weather. a lot of midday sun for us out there today. meteorologist tom kierein joins us with a look at the first forecast. hey, tom. >> yes, indeed, a lot of sunshine this morning, and that's heating things up quickly now. and it is rather humid and it
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will be getting even more humid as we get into tomorrow. a live picture from the sky watcher camera. we can actually see downtown, but i think tomorrow there's going to be even more humidity. you probably won't even be able see downtown from our vantage point here with even thicker humidity and haze around. right now, reagan national is at 85 degrees. low to mid-80s throughout most of the region, and it is moderately humid throughout much of the area. and overnight, while we had those showers and storms passing just south of the mall, thankfully, a close call but did not come close enough to bring rain to all of the events on the mall with the concert and the fireworks display, everything came off as planned. right now, quite a bit of sunshine throughout most of the region. a few clouds on the lower eastern shore. and through the rest of the afternoon, we'll have lots of sunshine. if you're going to be out for a length of time, you'll definitely need sun block. and by midafternoon with stagnant air, air pollution building, code orange, unhealthy air quality. if you have a heart or respiratory ailment, stay inside
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this afternoon, as we climb to around 90 degrees by midafternoon. we'll talk about those changes on the way. we'll look at the rest of the week and into the weekend coming up, aaron. >> thanks a lot, tom. a few roads are still closed in arlington, virginia this morning, because of the weekend's strong storms. part of old dominion drive remained closed because of downed trees and wires. meanwhile, dominion power crews had been working around the clock to restore electricity to nearly 2,000 customers in northern virginia. at last check, nearly 1,400 or 1,300 customers are without power. dominion hopes to have the power restored sometime today. a person rescued from the potomac river is in critical condition this morning. d.c. fire and ems says they found the person in the water about half a mile south of memorial bridge just before 11:00 last night. they took the person to tompkins boathouse where they performed cpr. fir officials have not said whether the person is male or female or how they ended up in the water. there was heavy boat traffic in the area at the time.
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and a man in germantown is also in critical condition this morning after jumping into a lake to recover a remote controlled boat. were operating haas night when it got stuck. one plant went in to get it, but didn't come out. his friend went in and got him and started cpr before paramedic ace arrived. d.c. police are searching for a gunman who shot a teenager, this happened about 10:45 last night. a man was shot in the leg and the teenager was shot three times. both victims were taken to the hospital. their names and conditions are not being released right now. d.c. police also investigating a shooting in northeast. this one happened about 1:00 this morning along north capital street. police say the victim was taken to the hospital in grave condition. his name has not been released. so far, no arrests have been made. your time right now is 1 11:09. coming up this morning, good and bad news for the lawyers trying to clear the name of former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. how they plan to fight the
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latest allegations against him. and how a group of tourists thrown into the water when their
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two police officers say insurgents first detonated a parked car bomb in the town of taji today. that blast was followed by a roadside bomb that went off as people gathered to help the victims of the first explosion. the officers say at least 47 people were wounded. today, members of congress are cutting their holiday break short. the senate is back to work to deal with the country's looming debt limit deadline. members of the house get bac to work tomorrow. the nation would go into an unprecedented default on its debt if the current $14.3 trillion cap is not raised by august 2nd. the senate also expected to discusd authorize the conflict in libya. the resolution would allow u.s. forces to remain in the nato-led operation for up to a year. a final vote is expected on thursday. the secret service will investigate the hacking of fox news' political twitter account after tweets appeared saying president obama had been assassinated. the tweets appeared early monday morning saying the president was
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shot twice during an event in iowa. in reality, he was celebrating the 4th, barbecuing at the white house. fox news posted a statement on its website calling the tweets malicious and false and says they're demanding a full investigation from twitter. also on twitter, you can find now vice president joe biden. his first tweet was a fourth of july message, asking americans to take time to think about u.s. troops and military families. word is that the vice president's tweets will be staff written. biden's twitter user name is @vp. dominique strauss-kahn could soon be cleared of charges. the manhattan district attorney is considering dropping all of the charges against the former imf chief. however, there are in allegations against strauss-kahn. a french author will file an attempted rape case against him. she says in 2002, strauss-kahn ripped open her bra and tried to
11:15 am
unbutton her pants. lawyers from strauss-kahn say they plan on filing a slander attempt against that writer. roger clemens back in court tomorrow fighting charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. he testified before congress in 2008 and told them he never used performance enhancing drugs. clemens' former trainer, brian mcnamee, will testify against the former ace, saying he personally injected him with steroids and human growth hormone. he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison if found guilty. right now the mexican navy searching for the seven american tourists still missing after the boat they were in capsized. that 115-foot bank sank about 60 miles south of the port of san felipe on sunday. they were on an annual fourth of july fishing trip when an electrical storm came up. now we're hearing from some survivors. one man says he and the seven other people he was with were hanging on to a cooler to keep their heads above water. >> well, we tried to swim to a light we saw on the horizon.
11:16 am
and after about three hours, we figured it wasn't working, because the light didn't get any closer. we decided to swim for shore, and we all got separated, and for about 9 of the 16 hours i was out there, i was alone. >> reporter: officials say at least one american was killed. the other 35 passengers and crew members on board were all rescued. exxonmobil admits the scope of an oil spill caused by a broken pipeline in montana is much larger than initially reported. about 32,000 gallons of crude oil have flowed into to the yellow river on friday. this morning, they've said they'll work as quickly as possible to clean it up. debris floating in the river's rising waters may have punctured that pipeline. today in florida, the clock starts ticking towards nasa's final shuttle flight. at 1:00, the countdown clock
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will be started ahead of friday's launch. "atlantis" will lift off at 11:26 a.m. friday with just four astronauts on board instead of the traditional six or seven. they'll spend 12 days in space, delivering supplies to the international space station. friday's launch will be nasa's last shuttle mission. kind of sad to say that, nasa's last shuttle mission. >> yeah, they've got to come up with a way to get supplies up to the space station. it will be interesting to see what nasa does in the future. >> they'll depend on the russians a little bit, but they're talking deep space after that. >> right, right. well, here close to us, our space near us is filled with heat now. we are heating up. there is the sky over montgomery county. that's the live picture from the sky watcher camera, from 300 feet above northwest washington. you can see the high-rises of chevy chase in the near distance. way off there in the horizon is downtown bethesda. visibility's aren't too bad looking to the north of washington. right now at reagan national, 85 with the do you wants at 65.
11:18 am
that's moderate humidity. and we've got a light wind coming in out of the east-northeast now. and the radar scanning the sky, no precipitation around now. however, last night, we had some showers and storms passing just south of washington and then heading out to sea. right now, we are in the low and mid-80s throughout most of the region with a hazy sunshine and milky blue sky. in the mid-80s around the bay and eastern shore as well. at the beaches, a little bit cooler with the wind off the atlantic. water temperatures are in the mid-70s. out in the mountains of west virginia, they were in the 60s. most locations there now are in the 70s. even a little bit drier there, as we have a front to our south holding the humidity at bay, it's eventually going to be drifting farther north. as that happens, that's going to open up the door for humidity to begin to move our way. but over the last 12 hours, the last of those storms from last evening, well out to sea. and behind that weak area of high pressure over the great lakes is moving in.
11:19 am
it will be here for the day today and suppressing any chance of any storms around. however, as we go forward over the next 48 hours, we will have our wind shifting into the south and southwest. that will tap the humid the tth off the gulf of mexico and that will move it on up our way. and it will be in place here for several days, each day. hot and humid, tomorrow, all the way into the weekend. and a slight chance of afternoon storms as we get into the weekend. tomorrow, well, maybe a greater chance, but for this afternoon, a code orange for this afternoon. that's for air pollution building in stagnant air. so unhealthy air quality by midafternoon. otherwise, mostly sunny. moderate humidity, up around 90 degrees. and then this evening, it's going to get even a little bit more humidity. we'll be partly cloudy by late evening. and by dawn tomorrow, after we go from the mid-80s, early evening, to the 70s by midnight, our temperatures will be down around low 70s by tomorrow
11:20 am
morning in some of the rural areas, maybe in the upper 60s. and highs near 90. lit feel even hotter with the humidity, sweltering humidity tomorrow. highs near 90 each day. we have a likelihood of scattered afternoon storms tomorrow. but a much smaller chance, it looks like, on thursday and friday. just about a 30% chance of a few scattered, mainly afternoon thunderstorms and again on friday. now a look at the weekend. still hot, still humid, but a much smaller chance of any storms around. just a slight chance saturday, sunday, and monday. big story, though, just heat and humidity. afternoon highs each day up around 90. and morning lows right near 70 degrees. and throughout the day, you can follow my forecast on twitter, along with the latest weather, science, and nature news. that is the way it looks. aaron? >> all right. thanks a lot, tom. >> okay. still ahead on "news 4 midday," we have seen him grow up on the big screen in the harry potter films. now the actor is admitting to breaking a dangerous habit. and spider bites, most are
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harmless, but there are dangers you need to be aware of. @@@@@@ú@
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together! >> harry potter start daniel radcliffe says no more drinking alcohol. the 21-year-old says he started
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drinking heavily while filming the sixth harry potter film in 2009 and even became dependent on it to have a good time. he says instead of cutting out, he cut it out altogether, preferring to stay home and read a book. the saga of harry potter ends on thursday with the worldwide premiere of "harry potter and the deathly hallows" part 2, the final movie in the series. thousands of people packed the national mall to watch the firework s spectacular. several celebrities were there to help with the celebration. dozens of actors and musicians took part in the annual capitol 4th concert in the north lawn of the capitol. ♪ good golly, miss molly >> jimmy smits hosted the event, which also featured preferences from josh groban, steve martin, jordyn sparks, and the national
11:25 am
symphony orchestra. the people we spoke to says there's nothing like a 4th year in washington, d.c.. >> just wanted to enjoy the fourth of july. >> reporter: the crowd was mostly behaved. park police arrested five people. three were for minor drug violations, the other two for disorderly conduct. the jury in the casey anthony trial back at work today deliberating her fate. why one legal analyst says the jury has a very difficult task ahead of them. plus, tom kierein tell us if there are any changes ahead in our weather or if we should get use to the 90s. a@@@
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right now we're following breaking news out of prince george's county. council member leslie johnson has submitted her resignation. it will take effect on july 31st, the last day of the county's legislative session. last week johnson pleaded guilty to witness and evidence tampering after she and her husband, former county exec, jack johnson, were arrested last november. her sentencing is set for october. we just received a statement from her attorney this morning.
11:29 am
leslie johnson said, "i again apologize for my mistake. i am deeply honored to have had the opportunity to serve the residents of district six." ands a aspen hill family's home is a mess this morning, after an suv slammed right through the dining room wall. three people were in that home at the corner of aspen hill road and parkland drive. only one suffered minor injuries. police say the driver, a 22-year-old woman, was under the influence of alcohol and she was taken into custody. jury deliberations are in their second day in the casey anthony trial. that 12-member jury has to sift through six weeks' of testimony and nearly 400 pieces of evidence to make their decision. nbc's kerry sanders has more now from orlando. >> reporter: closing arguments lasted two days. >> any way you slice it, any way you put it together, casey anthony is guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: on sunday and on the july 4th holiday,
11:30 am
prosecutors tag-teamed the case, ripping the defense's claim caylee accidentally drowned in the backyard pool. >> if this truly was an accident in the pool, caylee anthony would have been found floating in the pool, not floating in a swamp down the street. >> reporter: in his closings -- >> fantasy searches, fantasy forensics, phantom stickers, phantom stains, all of this nonsense. >> reporter: defense attorney jose baez argued -- >> this is outrageous! >> reporter: -- the state's case -- >> that's nonsense! >> reporter: -- was flawed. the only thing they proved, he says, was that casey was a liar. >> they gave you two weeks' of testimony that was worthless and served only one person, to paint casey anthony as a shut, as a party girl, as a girl who lies, and has absolutely nothing to do
11:31 am
with the way caylee died. >> reporter: but sunday, linda drain burdick asked the jury to remember, casey failed to alert anyone for 31 days that caylee was even missing. >> council suggested that the detailing of what miss anthony was doing during these 31 days had more to do with the state trying to prove that she was a slut? did i hear that? >> reporter: and the state asked, why would caylee have duct tape across her nose and mouth. why would casey's father, george, do that, as the defense says. >> people don't make accidents look like murder. >> reporter: as she wrapped up, prosecutor linda drain burdick played the words of the one person who never took the stand, casey anthony herself. >> the phone call. >> reporter: calling hem to her mother the day of her arrest. >> mom! >> what? >> no. >> i don't know what your involvement is, sweetheart. you're not telling me where she's at. >> because i don't [ bleep ] know where she's at, are you kidding me?!
11:32 am
>> casey, don't waste my call to scream and holler at me. >> no, waste my call sitting in, oh, the jail. >> nbc's kerry sanders reporting there. the prosecution ended its rebuttal with a photo of casey anthony dancing in a nightclub just a few weeks after discovering that caylee had died. an autopsy scheduled for today for the body of a woman found in a creek in indiana. investigators think she could be a missing indiana university student. 20-year-old lauren spierer went missing a month ago after night of drinking with friends. right now authorities can't identify the body, but they hope the autopsy provides more information. today, watch your speed if you're traveling through frederick, maryland. two speed cameras that prompted warning citations now mean a bona fide ticket. they're located at butterfly lane and mccain drive at mill crest elementary, and at north market street at governor thomas johnson high. people caught going 37 miles per hour or faster will get a $40 ticket. two other cameras will go active
11:33 am
for warning tickets. one at possum town pike at fairfield drive and the other on westbound hayward road at monocacey elementary. let's check on that forecast once again. here's tom kierein with the kilts. >> great beach and pool weather. a wonderful summer day underway on this 5th of july. there's the sky over fairfax county, in the distance, we can see tyson's corner there on the horizon. in the foreground is northwest washington. but tomorrow we probably will not even be able to see very far, perhaps not even hardly across the potomac river, let alone all the way to tyson's corner with increased humidity tomorrow. right now around the region, we have climbed mid-80s throughout much of the area. right now, 85 in washington, and in prince george's county, it's in the low 80s. low to mid-80s in arlington, fairfax, and mrnontgomery counties. bay water temperatures are in the upper 70s. the ocean water temperatures at the atlantic beaches, they're in the low and mid-70s now.
11:34 am
the last 12 hours, we've had the last of those storms from last night that passed just south of the mall. they moved out to sea, and now being replaced by lots of sunshine throughout the region. and for the rest of the day, we'll climb to around 90 degrees and lots of sun and then getting more humid overnight tonight. we'll have our temperatures by dawn tomorrow, down into the low to mid-70s. and during the day on wednesday, we'll have sweltering humidity in place with temperatures climbing again to around 90 degrees, but more clouds around, and also an increased chance of mainly afternoon and evening storms. there's only a small chance of any morning rain. then on thursday and friday, a small chance of, well, mainly, afternoon thunderstorms. both days, still humid with highs near 90. still hot and humid over the weekend too, into the first part of next week. but only a very slight chance of any afternoon storms. that's the way it looks right now. aaron? >> tom, we'll check back. thanks. the traffic nightmare that's expected when the new mark center opens in alexandria in
11:35 am
september may be avoided. according to the "washington examiner," the defense department has told local and state centers that they will move only 24 employees in the fall. city officials say that is still not enough time to build roads needed to handle the increase in commuters and they are still working to delay the move up to a year. the greenbrier resort in west virginia is about a four-hour drive from washington. under the resort, you'll find a once-secret bunker. for 30 years, it was a top-secret fallout shelter where the u.s. congress would be taken in the case of a nuclear attack. in 1992, "the washington post" exposed it. we take you inside now to see how lawmakers would have lived and governed if the soviet union had bombed the u.s. chris gordon has the story. >> reporter: the cold war, the threat of nuclear attack was a constant fear. in 1956, president heisenhower planned construction of a relocation facility for congress, to ensure continuity
11:36 am
of government. the bunker occupies more than 112,000 square feet, on two levels. each of three entrances is protected by a huge steel door, hidden from public view. >> this is a cover door. and for years, this cover door became almost a wall, covering the 18-ton blast door. >> reporter: the blast door leads to the 16,000 square foot exhibit hall, that would have served as office space for congressional staff to conduct business in an emergency. since 1962, the greenbrier used this space as an exhibition hall, so medical conventions came here and people used this space, not knowing they were in the bunker and it was hiding in plain sight. >> reporter: the bunker is a huge fallout shelter. if there was nuclear contamination, the first stop would have been the decontamination area. >> everyone would have stripped in here, clothe would have gone into a burn bag. >> reporter: then they'd pass
11:37 am
through the showers. >> it's a very, very highly pressurized water. hopefully it would have washed off all the contaminants with the help of ivory soap. >> reporter: the bunker would accommodate 1,100 people. each member of congress was allowed to bring one aide, but all family members would be housed elsewhere. two auditoriums inside the bunker would serve as chambers. this is where the house of representatives would hold its sessions. there were metal bunk beds and lockers in 18 dormitories. a fully equipped clinic, including an operating room and dental office. the bunker existed like this from 1962 until '92, when "the washington post" magazine broke its cover in a front page story. as a result, the bunker was declassified. since then, the greenbrier has been conducting daily tours for visitors. many remember the cold war. >> i lived through the whole thing. >> reporter: now the bunker appears frozen in time, a
11:38 am
historical relic, but consider this. if it hadn't been revealed, it could still be in use today to protect congress in case a terror attack crippled the nation's capitol. at the greenbrier resort in west virginia, this is chris gordon, news 4. >> most of the bunker's equipment and furnishings were removed from the shelter and reassigned to government facilities around the country. well, if you happen to be in frederick, maryland, on sunday, you might have seen something that looked like it was straight out of a movie, maybe. a huge dog dragging a table through the city streets. this was not staged, though. rather, it was cliff, the big gray dog. the 3-year-old great deign got spooked while his family was eating at five guys. in this surveillance video, you can see him take off with the table he was tied to and a big, red umbrella. the family searched for hours and finally they got some good news yesterday. >> he called and he said, paula,
11:39 am
we have your dog! so we were just elated and thrilled. >> he's just so tired. >> the dog's 170 pounds, he can go whenever he wants to. a police officer later returned the table to five guys along with that missing leg and cliff wasn't hurt too badly there. every new apply married cou faces the question, when are you going to start a family? and that includes the royal. more on the comment princess kate made that's sparking a frenzy over their future plans. >> reporter: it was easy for royal admirers to ignore the wet weather on prince edward island on monday, because once again, and there was consensus on this, william and kate shined. >> will and kate! >> reporter: in what's known as the birthplace of canada, their arrival alone was smoeceremonie you. riding down the street. the royal mounted canadian police as their escorts, thousands of fans straining for a glimpse. >> kate's like -- oh, they're so
11:40 am
perfect. it's so nice to see them. >> reporter: later william, a search and rescue helicopter pilot back home, took the controls of a canadian c-king. while kate snapped photos, the prince learned a maneuver called water birding. the duke and duchess of cambridge weren't done with the water, going head to head in a boat race. the image alone reminding many people of this shot of kate four years ago, that catapulted her back into the spotlight shortly after she and william rekindled their romance. on monday, after william's team won, they seemed less like royalty, more like newlyweds. throughout this trip, kate's star quality and sense of fashion has mesmerized observers, including a patriotic red maple leaf hat she wore on canada's national holiday. and her chrome-colored dress monday made by sarah burton, the same designer who fashioned kate's wedding dress this spring. then there was that moment on sunday shortly after kate accepted a bouquet from a young girl in this quebec city crowd.
11:41 am
one man wished the duchess well starting her own family. kate thanked him and reportedly said, y"yes, i hope to." just four words, but the first time she's spoken publicly about having children. enough to get the british tabloids buzzing about a heir. >> and princess diana gave birth to william 11 months after she and prince charles were married. still ahead on "news 4 midday," are investors starting the week on a pose note? and spider bites.#ú#ú
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whole foods is preparing to bring its first store to prince george's county, but some residents are not too excited about that. according to the "washington examiner," the gourmet grocer is planning to build the store in riverdale park, along route 1. it's part of a larger development, 36 acres of shots and residences along with a five-acre park, and that has some people worried about traffic. the only real access point is the already congested route 1. well, stocks are mixed this morning, the first day of the trading week. let's check in with cnbc's hampton pearson. he's live with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. hello, hampton. >> good morning. we have stocks trading in the negative range, the dow is down 8, the nasdaq is up 3, the s&p
11:45 am
is down 3. factory goods orders went up in may, but fell slightly short of market expectations. the commerce department says orders for manufactured goods climbed by 0.8 to just over $445 billion. analysts were looking for a 1% hike. the gain was broad-based. capital investment on equipment by business was strong, more evidence the economy may be moving past the so-called soft patch that slowed growth in the spring. the deal of the day moving markets, southern union company. the stock up over 3% after pipeline operator energy transfer equity raised its bid by 21% to $5 billion to buy the rival firm. that's about $1 billion more than another competitor, william's companies. last week, we saw the dow go up about $648 points, or 5.6%. the best week in two years. among the catalysts, a strong earnings report from nike and greek crossing the finish line in what felt like a marathon to
11:46 am
close out the latest chapter in its ongoing debt crisis. volume is expected to be light during this holiday shortened week. friday, of course, the big day with the jobs report. aaron, back to you. >> hampton, thank you very much. >> you got it. only a few spiders are dangerous to humans. two of them are present in the u.s. are the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. dr. cheryl burgess joins us this morning to talk about more these spiders. people are scared of spiders to begin, and with these two, you've got good reason. we'll start with the black widow spider. you can show folks what it looks like. do we find these in this area? >> they're very prevalent in this area? the brown recluse area you'll find around woodpiles, around the yard, what have you. >> this one's the black widow, right? >> that's the black widow. the difference between them, obviously, the black widow is black, but on the undersurface of the spider, there's a red hourglass, and there's a lot of black spiders in this area.
11:47 am
so don't freak out every time you see a black spider, but it has a characteristic marking on the belly side. >> can this kill you if it bites you? >> this is what happens, when it bites you, unbeknownst to the individual, they may think it's just an infection, and that's where things go wrong, because they may go to the emergency room and they tell the doctor, i have an infection and it's treated as an infection, whereas this is an inflammatory response, so they have to be treated with steroids. and if it doesn't -- if the treatment isn't carried out in a significantly amount of time, you can start to get tissue necrosis. and that's where infections will start in. at that point, yes, it can be an infection and it can get in your blood system, and yes, there have been people to have severe illness and even possibly death from these spider bites. >> how do you identify this? with the black widow, what does it look like? what does it feel like? >> the spider bite is usually painful, and obviously a
11:48 am
mosquito bite is more itchy. you have to kind of use those two comparisons. but it's more painful, and it doesn't heal very quickly. a mosquito bite or some other type of bug bite can heal within a week's time. so the brown recluse spider actually has on its underbelly, it looks like a violin. and that is very characteristic of that particular brown spider, although there are a lot of brown spiders around, and daddy long legged spiders and things like that. they do not harm you in any way, but this spider can cause the same type of illness or bite. >> i had a friend who was bitten by one of these and was out of work for a couple of weeks and was in a really bad way as a result of that. there's a blister that might form if you're bitten by that spider, right? >> it can. and we'll talk about bug bites next week, but usually they bite in threes. we call it breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but a spider bites you
11:49 am
one time. and that spider area, it becomes a little painful. it becomes me kr s necrotic, th breaks down, and spider bites, initially, sometimes you don't even feel them. so if you see an infection on the skin that is not healing, you have to think about something else, seek medical advice, because it can really be detrimental if it is a spider bite. >> now, with the brown recluse, would you see the same sort of bites -- >> yes, you can see the same sort of reaction on the skin. and most people are familiar with other bug bites like flea bites or mosquito bites and they totally look different than what this type of bite looks like. so be aware. >> can you be allergic to these types of bites, like you would a bee sting or something like that? >> no, it really releases more of a toxin that breaks down the tissue in the skin. so anyone who gets bitten
11:50 am
probably will have the same type of reaction. so we'll talk about insect bites next week, but some people react a lot and some don't, or some people are bit by mosquitos and some aren't and why does that happen. >> how often do you see cases of these types of bites? pretty common? >> at least a couple a year, yeah. and generally the patient gives a history that they went to the emergency room or the urgent care center and they were given antibiotics, so time has been wasted at that point. so we have to really get aggressive and treat it. but it is treatable. you can control the progression of necrosis. there may be some scarring in that area, as a result of delaying treatment, but mainly people will see reverse in that reaction and it gets much better. >> now, are these spiders you need to look out -- if you're an outdoorsy type and in the woods all the time, something like
11:51 am
that? >> of course you do. and again, don't be afraid of all spiders. most spiders -- most run from you. most run from you, but i think if they're cornered and they will bite you to seek help. >> all right, we've been warned. dr. cheryl burgess, thanks for coming in. stay with us, the time is 11:51. coming up, progress in the nfl talks? plus, meteorologist tom kierein lets
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
today, nfl owners and players are back at the bargaining table, and some say they could have a deal by the end of the week. meetings are scheduled for the two sides through friday in new york. if they're able to work something out by the. end of the week, the league would be able to have a full free agent signing period as well as training camp and a full preseason. the main issue for both sides remains how to split $9 billion in revenue. today, before the nationals/cubs' game, michelle obama will take the mound and help throw out the first pitch. the ferris lady will be escorted to home plate by children from military families. one of those kids will throw out the first pitch. it's part of her promotion of a joining forces program. it's a nationwide effort to get people to support military families. and bryce harper's debut at
11:55 am
aa harrisburg looks a lot like bryce harper in single "a." harper was playing so well for the single "a" hagerstown sun, he skipped the advanced team. gm mike rizzo maintains harper isn't making it to the big club this season. let's take a look at some of the stories we're working on this afternoon for news 4. pat lawson muse joins us from the newsroom with a preview of what's to come. >> coming up this afternoon on news 4 at 4:00, one woman's over the top way to punish her husband's ex-wife. the illicit craigslist ad that landed this woman behind bars. we'll tell you about that. and then tonight on news 4 at 5:00, we've got discount deals on three summer travel destinations. plus, we'll share with you the promotional code that will save you an extra hundred bucks off your bottom line. you'll want to tune in for that. plus, we'll have the late st on
11:56 am
the weather this afternoon. aaron? >> thank you, pat. one more check on the weather before we leave you this morning. tom kierein is here with the details on that. the heat is on. >> we're already climbing throughout the upper 80s, but we ought to peak 90 or so, low 90s. there's that hazy, milk yy blue sky. right now we are well into the 80s throughout most of the region, except out of the mountains, they're in the 70s now. over the last 12 hours, the last of the overnight storms that just missed them all last night, those are way out to sea now, being replaced with lots of sun today, with highs around 90, and tomorrow, we'll have increased humidity. morning lows in the low 70s, afternoon highs around 90. a very small chance of a morning shower, partly sunny throughout the day, but a greater chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms on wednesday. then on thursday, morning lows, afternoon highs around 90. it's still going to be hot and humid on thursday. and again on friday too. and both of those days, a smaller chance of maybe a
11:57 am
passing afternoon storm. here's a look at saturday, sunday, and monday. it's going to be hot and humid etch day as well, with afternoon highs around 90 and partly sunny each day, morning lows near 70 and only a very small chance of any isolated storms in the afternoon. that's the way it looks, we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> yep, smells like annual out there. >> sure does. thanks a lot, tom. >> you can say this guy has a little extra pep in his step, and now his super human about is setting a world record. robert zorro is also known as zero-g, has unofficially set the record for the longest front flip. you saw it there. his jump, 19'6". he has another goal, too, fighting childhood obesity. he says he hopes his alter ego will help kids get moving and setting their own records. nice goal there. that is "news 4 midday." thanks for joining us. join us this afternoon at 4:00.
11:58 am
if you didn't get enough of the fireworks from the capitol yesterday along the national mall, we'll leave you with some of the sights and sounds this morning. have a good morning. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable, and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. want to save evemore? call now and we'll add over 60 premium channels, including showtime, starz, epix, and more for 12 months.
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